Leaving Faranah

We left early this morning in a Peace Corps car. I have been getting only a few hours of sleep for the last several nights, and my house has been full of other volunteers, so I was glad to get on the road. But it was also very hard, much harder than I expected. My students were crestfallen, they were losing not only the classes but also the projects working with teenage girls that we were going to do together.

My family was less concerned, but Cece was of course upset, and I was pretty sad to leave them also. I wanted to say goodbye to the kids but I didn’t get the chance to this morning because they were sleeping. How can a three year old understand the reasons I am leaving?

Anyway, we are in Dabola now until tomorrow, staying at a nice hotel with electricity, running water, and electricity. It is nice to drink cold water again.

Anyway, everything will be up in the air for the next couple of weeks, but I will let you know what is happening when I get the chance.

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  1. Tara Brinduse says:

    this is heart breaking.

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