Update on Protests

Just to give you an update, at latest count, according to some news sources, at least 157 people were killed in the protests that happened on Monday. Volunteers are not on “lockdown” (whatever that is) but we are on alert, which means we have to call in every couple of days to keep up to date. There are whisperings of additional protests to take place in the following days, all of which amounts to a certain craziness, but that should not be taken to mean anything dangerous for your particular volunteer, especially if she or he is in a tiny village.

All of this comes at a bad time, when I was going to be doing lots of planning and applying to schools, but it is interesting to watch. It is of course the topic on everyone’s lips, and it remains to be seen how the military will react to it and the people will react to them, etc…

I will try to update on Thursday unless something really crazy happens tomorrow, in which case I will do my best to let you know. For now, relax and watch the news. Rumors are flying fast and furious also, so don’t believe everything you hear.

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